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Beading (3/30/2003)
Candles and Lanterns (2/26/2004)
Carving (7/26/1998)
Dyeing (11/5/1999)
Embroidery (9/22/2002)
   Blackwork (4/6/2003)
   Hardanger (4/18/1998)
Glass (11/7/1999)
Knitting (8/4/1999)
Limning (3/4/1998)
Pysanky (2/21/2004)
Tapestries (7/13/1997)

Metal Work

Enameling (9/13/1997)
Etching (7/13/1997)
Painting Armor (9/11/1997)
Smithing (7/7/1998)


Gypsies (2/26/1999)
Irish (2/26/1999)
Medieval Japan (6/12/1998)
Middle Eastern (8/6/1999)
Norman Costume (2/20/1998)
Russian Garb (2/20/1998)
Sumptuary Laws (3/13/1998)
Vikings (4/5/2003)


Brewing (3/18/2000)
Ceramics and Ceramic Feast Gear (3/30/1998)
Cooking (4/6/2003)
Husbandry (4/19/1998)
Spices (11/28/1999)


Articles of Clothing

Bog Dresses (3/3/1998)
Cotehardies (2/26/1998)
Footwear (2/28/1999)
Hats and Hoods (2/26/1999)
Leine (3/4/1998)
Rosary (2/21/2004)


Frankincense (2/21/2004)


Fabric, Wholesale (10/9/1997)
Fur (3/13/1998)
Lace (7/13/1997)
Leather (7/13/1997)
Silk (7/13/1997)
Velvet (11/25/1997)

Other Garb Topics

Design Ideas (7/13/1997)
Garb and Fabric Listservs (7/13/1997)
Norman Costume (7/13/1997)
Russian Garb (7/13/1997)

Health and Safety

Herbs (11/4/1999)
Leprosy (11/4/1999)
Midwifery (7/13/1997)
Safety (11/7/1999)
Soap (8/8/2000)


Theater (7/13/1997)


Ballads (6/28/2003)
Instruments (3/31/1998)
Music Groups (3/31/1998)


Alchemy (2/21/2004)
Astronomy (3/30/2003)
General (12/6/1999)
Listservs (7/13/1997)
Merchanting (8/8/1998)
Search (12/6/1999)
Tents and Pavilions (8/8/1998)
Weddings (7/19/1998)

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Since I have been subscribed to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) Arts and Sciences email lists, many interesting subjects have been discussed. I have been keeping a list of citations and referrals that people mention. The citations are indexed by subject and grouped by type, i.e. links, by author, by title, and other. No matter which subject interests you, don't forget to check the General section, too.  You may also want to try searching for it.

The SCA-ARTS listserv is no longer in use.  It has been replaced by the ArtsSciences Listserv.

Write meI am making this web site available because often someone new comes on a list and says, "Please tell me about [a topic covered last week or the week before]." Rather than having to sift through a large number of logs, one can simply look to this index and examine the particular topic of interest. I will be updating this list on an irregular basis and have a large backlog of messages to process. Please let me know what your interests are. You can reach me by signing my guest book or writing me. I will update that subject area if I can and let you know.  My thanks go to the original authors who posted all this wonderful information.

The book references throughout this site are linked to to provide more in depth information about the title and easy access to ordering.  You can also check the merchanting or search areas for other businesses that may be able to help you find references.

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