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Updated 10/15/2003

Janine White's
Professional Experience

Employment History

Software Engineer, 10/2000 - present
Intel Corporation, Tucson, AZ
* Install, test and maintain shop floor control applications
* Database Administrator - Workstream DBMS, SQL Server
* Quality Systems Coordinator (ISO 9001 & 9002)
* Local Document Control Coordinator
* Create, distribute and analyze surveys at the department and factory levels
* Mentor Junior Engineers

Research Specialist, Senior, 10/1996 - 10/2000
University of Arizona, University of Arizona Prevention Center, Tucson, AZ
* Manage project budgets ($230K) and scheduling
* Analyze education programs and client services of Arizona Department of Health Services contractors
* Recommend hardware and software purchases ($100K)
* Design, create and install databases using Access, Visual Basic and SQL
* Train contractors in data collection and evaluation
* Provide technical support over the phone and in person
* Install and maintain Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 network
* Develop and maintain project web sites
* Collect annual sexual assault and domestic violence statistics for the state of Arizona and report to the Department of Health Services, the Department of Economic Security and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and publish results through professional conferences and journals
* Serve on Governor's Task Force on Sexual Assault and Oasis Center Advisory Council

Instructor, 10/1998 - 10/2000
University of Arizona, Extended University, Tucson, AZ
* Teach  Introduction to Windows 95, Access 97, Introduction to HTML, and Advanced HTML

Volunteer, 7/1998 - Present
Landmark Education, Phoenix, AZ
*Assist Finance Manager in providing refunds and answer phones

Evaluator, 2/1996 - 2/1997
University of Arizona, Making Everybody Count Project, Tucson, AZ
* Supervise data collection on sensitivity training of middle school math and science teachers
* Analyze data in SPSS

Research Assistant, Tucson Youth Project and Proyecto Internacional sobre la Estructura Familial, 8/1992 - 8/1998
University of Arizona, Sociology and Psychology, Tucson, AZ
* Clean, maintain, and analyze data sets in SAS and SPSS
* Design questionnaire, sampling design and data entry
* Train and supervise undergraduate and graduate students
* Maintain listserv
* Contribute and critique theory
* Conduct library research
* Project accounting
* Design project brochure

Administrative Assistant, Summer 1987
Prepaid Health Plan, Radisson, NY
* Interview patients and compile statistics for a patient satisfaction survey

Laboratory Assistant, Summer 1986
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI
*  Program a graphics package in BASIC for an HP plotter


Criminal Justice and Behavior
Journal of Applied Psychology

Professional Memberships

American Sociological Association
American Society of Criminology

HTML Writers Guild

Microsoft Site Builder Network Level 2